UTM tag generator

Create a link to an advertising campaign on Google, Facebook

When to use UTM tags?

  • You run an advertising campaign on Google, Facebook or social networks and you want to know where your users come from.
  • You use other ways to attract readers and potential customers and want to learn more about where they come from.
  • You send newsletters to your subscribers using services and you want to know how effective this or that newsletter is.

Your website address


Traffic Source

Required parameters

Campaign Source
utm_source ?
google, yandex, vk, facebook
The type of traffic
utm_medium ?
cpc, email, banner, article
Campaign Name
utm_campaign ?
promo, discount, sale

Optional parameters

utm_content ?
link, landing page
utm_term ?
free, -30%, registration


The result of your actions will appear here...


checkTransliteration of parameters
Short link

Dynamic variables and how they are used

    Correcting errors when generating UTM tags

    • The UTM tag will contain only one character ?.
    • Each label parameter begins with one special character &.
    • Automatically replace characters that interfere with analysis #, &, =.
    • Automatic duplicate removal https://.
    • Lowercase translation.
    • Special sequences or transliteration of the selected Cyrillic alphabet.