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  • Yevhen Shcherbynskyi

    Chief technology
  • Alex Koval

Will I be able to create an event on my own?

Absolutely! Our system is designed for organizers who want to have full control over their own event. Therefore, it is intuitive and simple to use, and creating an event does not require knowledge of coding or design.

Is it safe?

At Pilicam, we care about the security of your and your participants ' data. We operate in accordance with the GDPR(RODO), we also use the latest security features and regularly update our Software.

What does the sales clearance look like?

The settlement of the event shall take place within 7 days from the date of its completion. Then the funds collected from the sale, minus the commission, are sent to the account number given in the organizer's profile. We also issue an invoice to the organiser for the total value of the commission. Sales can be demonstrated by treating the system-generated sales statement as an account.

How to register?

Click Create Event. Enter all the necessary data and read the rules. Then click Register. Then you will receive an email to activate your account.Follow the link in the letter. Profile is created.

Are these personalized tickets?

It depends on what tickets the organizer made. Most often bearer tickets. Although it is better to contact the organizer and ask. If you want to change the data of a registered participant, it is best to contact the organizer of the event directly - so that he / she knows about the change and can enable it, for example, if a list of guests for the event is being prepared.

What to do if I have not received a ticket?

The ticket must come to the email address that was indicated at the time of purchase. You need to check all folders and SPAM.

Can I return my order?

This is always decided by the organizers of the event, who alone sell tickets on their own behalf, both for free and for paid events.

Should I print a ticket?

It depends on the organizer. Pilikam does not require that you have tickets printed. In some cases, the organizer may ask for a paper version of the ticket to identify participants. It is better to ask the organizer about this.

How can I contact the organizer?

In each case, there is a map under the photo on the right. And above the card you can send an email or call the organizer (it depends on what was chosen by the organizer)

How do you get the invoice?

When you buy a ticket below, the “I want to get an invoice” button appears. After filling in all the fields, an invoice will come to the mail.

How to check the participants of the event?

There are several ways. If the ticket is bearer, or it is scanned or the paper version is checked. In the case of personal tickets, the identity is verified. In any case, it depends on the organizer and in order to get a 100% correct answer, you must contact him.

Can I organize an event?

Yes. After logging in, go to the “new event” tab and follow the instructions.

It's safe?

Sure. We operate in accordance with RODO and use the latest security software updates. Privacy Policy https://www.pilicam.com/ru/docs/privacy_policy

What is the commission?

The commission is 3.99% + 1 PLN of the total amount of each ticket sold.

How to start cooperation with Pilicam?

You need to register. Starting a ticket sale will only take you a few minutes. You can specify different categories of tickets, decide on availability, increase their number, adjust prices and even make a pre-sale. A convenient CRM-system will give you the opportunity to control the sale of tickets and registration of participants.

What does the event calculation look like?

Within 7 days after the event, funds, minus commissions, will be sent to the organizer's account indicated in his profile. The organizer of the event does not bill us, because we do not transfer ownership of the tickets or funds received from their sale to us.

What data is needed to sell tickets

To sell free tickets, we only need the first and last name. Paid tickets can only be sold by someone who has entrepreneurial activity in Poland. We will need more complete information about the company (company name, address, tax identification number) and bank account number.

Who can sell tickets?

Free tickets can check everything. To sell paid tickets, you must have a legal entity or conduct an individual business.

How to publish an event?

After authorization, the “New Event” tab will appear in the right menu. You can create an event step by step.

Where are the data from the registration form.

On the Clients tab, click the Create CRM Dashboard button, select the event for which we are doing this, and give it a name. Next you will have a list of registered participants.

Ticket check

Each ticket has a QR code that can be read using the camera from a mobile phone.

Ticket Availability Dates

You can set a different date and time for the end of the sale for each category of tickets. You can change this date at any time in the 'Edit Event Page' panel. Remember to save the event page! You can publish it right away or save it as a draft.

Is Pilicam compatible with RODO?


Do I have the right to use the resulting database to send emails with information about future events?

There are several provisions on this subject in the rules. But it does not specify whether the organizer can use this data to advance subsequent events.How to solve this? Add to the registration form a field with your own marketing consent, which can be set as mandatory for marking by the person making the order.

Can I delete the data of my members from your servers after the sale?

Yes. On the “clients” tab opposite each database is a drawing of a basket. If you click on it, you can delete the database.

Who is the administrator of the personal data of the participants?

This is described in the rules.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is processed by FREEGROUP as an administrator of the data of Users who are individuals in the amount of data provided during registration. Details regarding the processing of FREEGROUP personal data are set forth in the FREEGROUP Privacy Policy.FREEGROUP processes the personal data of Users in the amount necessary for the provision of services specified in these Rules, in particular for purposes related to the provision of electronic services, on the basis established in Art. 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016.